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My name is Fernando Piñeiro, I was born in Valencia –Spain– and I trained as a Chef under Karlos Arguiñano. Some years ago I moved to England with the aim to share my passion and knowledge about Spanish products and I really enjoy introducing people in the mazing and delicious world of Spanish gastronomy.

We move to a diferent Self Hosted Server

Hello to everybody, We moved to a different self hosted Server Please visit us at We will appreciate if you can subscribe in our other blog, is plenty of good things to read and learn Best regards to everybody, … Continue reading

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“Pa amb Tomaca”

“Pa amb Tomaca” is a very typical side dish when having tapas.Is really easy to prepare, as basically it consist on rubbing half a tomato with a slice of toasted bread and adding a pinch of salt and some olive … Continue reading

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How to make a Spanish Omelet with Chorizo

Recipe and step by step guide on how to cook a Spanish Omelet with Chorizo, with pictures of the process and an explanation below each one of them. Enjoy! Ingredients: 4 eggs 3 medium potatoes Olive Oil Salt Chorizo (1 … Continue reading

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Tips on how to keep your Paella in good shape.

I was cooking a Paella and then I thought that maybe not everyone will know hot to clean and keep in good shape a Paella, so here you have some tips: – If you forgot to wash it up after … Continue reading

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Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best known treasures of Spain. Both the sun and the Mediterranenan weather make Spain the perfect place to produce olives, it is not surprising tho that Spain is the biggest producer of olives in … Continue reading

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Welcome to Suculento!

Welcome to Suculento’s blog! My name is Fernando, I am Spanish and this is my first experience with a Blog so first of all I apologize for my writing style and my English. I promise I will try to do … Continue reading

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