“Pa amb Tomaca”

“Pa amb Tomaca” is a very typical side dish when having tapas.Is really easy to prepare, as basically it consist on rubbing half a tomato with a slice of toasted bread and adding a pinch of salt and some olive oil . Then you just use it as normal bread or put some Serrano Ham, Manchego cheese or any other sliced Iberico charcuterie on top. 

Is really healthy, it combines the carbohidrats of the bread with the energy of the olive oil and the freshness and vitamines of the tomato.

Some people like rubbing a peeled garlic clove on the bread before the tomato and in some places they grate the tomatoes to get most out of them and then spoon it over the bread.

Here you have an explanation more like a recipe, it is from www.suculento.co.uk


PA AMB TOMACA (bread with tomato, Extra Virgin olive oil & Iberico’s)



Iberico Ham or
Iberico chorizo or
Iberico salami.
Extra virgin olive oil.
Salt & pepper
Grated tomato.
Toasted Bread.


Traditionally from Catalonia (Barcelona).
Once you toast bread, spread the grated tomato, add Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper.
After add the sliced Iberico ham, Chorizo or Salami.
In Spain is really famous to take as breakfast, starter, and snack between afternoon and evening.



About Fernando Piñeiro

My name is Fernando Piñeiro, I was born in Valencia –Spain– and I trained as a Chef under Karlos Arguiñano. Some years ago I moved to England with the aim to share my passion and knowledge about Spanish products and I really enjoy introducing people in the mazing and delicious world of Spanish gastronomy.
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8 Responses to “Pa amb Tomaca”

  1. I do that with garlic cloves. Great suggestions!

  2. dmcgirl says:

    Oh that looks like a wonderful company for anything, salad, soup, MMMmmmm!

  3. DMCGirl says:

    Good with salads and soups too right? Mmmmmm!

  4. Jessica says:

    Done it as a tapas for our barbecue yesterday. Simple and very tasty. With fresh baguette it is even better.Everybody loved it. Need now to try the Spanish omellette with chorizo.

    • Hi Jessica! I’m really glad you liked it! You’re absolutely right, with fresh baguette is just lovely. Let me know how it goes with the omelette and if you have any doubts do not hesitate to ask, I’m here to help!

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