Tips on how to keep your Paella in good shape.

I was cooking a Paella and then I thought that maybe not everyone will know hot to clean and keep in good shape a Paella, so here you have some tips:

– If you forgot to wash it up after cooking don’t worry, just leave it to soak in hot water and if the dirt is very stick use sea salt with the dishwasher and the washing cloth (without much water or it will dissolve) to help getting rid of the dirt without damaging the surface of the paella.

– Use lemon juice or vinegar after using dishwasher, it will help shine to come back to the cooking surface of your paella.


– After washing it up, dry it very quick with paper and then put a bit of olive oil on the cooking surface and spread it all over the paella. Just a few drops are enough but make sure you don’t miss any spot as it will make it rusty.

– You can cover it with kitchen film,  a plastic bag or an oven paper so the part with oil doesn’t get any of your other kitchenware dirty.

– If you cook on log fire be careful later as the base of the paella will be quite dirty and it won’t always come out clean, so clean the cooking side and keep it inside a plastic bag until next time you use it.

– The best place to keep a Paella is hanging on the wall.

I hope this was useful for all the Paella lovers!


About Fernando Piñeiro

My name is Fernando Piñeiro, I was born in Valencia –Spain– and I trained as a Chef under Karlos Arguiñano. Some years ago I moved to England with the aim to share my passion and knowledge about Spanish products and I really enjoy introducing people in the mazing and delicious world of Spanish gastronomy.
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2 Responses to Tips on how to keep your Paella in good shape.

  1. DMCGirl says:

    You are off to a great start!!! Can’t wait to come and learn from you!!!

  2. Thanks Dmc!

    I’m doing my best with this blog, but is not easy to find time to write, but I am really excited about sharing my recipes and helping people interested in learning more about Spanish food. I am quite busy with my business (I have an online shop and sell Spanish products in the UK) but will definitely find time to write here, you really encorauge me to go on!

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