Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best known treasures of Spain.

Both the sun and the Mediterranenan weather make Spain the perfect place to produce olives, it is not surprising tho that Spain is the biggest producer of olives in the world. A lot has been said about the properties of Olive oil and there is a huge variety of uses for it, so from Suculento we decided to try to find out what are the most common (and not so common) uses of Olive Oil.

Seasoning: Extra virgin Olive Oil is great for seasoning salads and making vinaigrettes. There are a lot of different varieties, depending on whether you prefer it bitter, fruity, nutty or with different acidity levels, so you can always find the right Olive oil for you. Also its density makes it great for mixing with vinegar for vinaigrettes, it looks just beautiful mixed with balsamic vinegar for example.

Cooking: It is well-known that olive oil taste is excellent and therefore using it in the kitchen means adding an extra flavour to your preparations. Also due to the properties of Olive oil the food you fry on it won’t absorb the oil, as they will with other vegetable oils, but instead it will create a layer around the product you cook without penetrating. Have you ever tried to cook some chips using olive oil? you will see the difference after making a few batches as you won’t need to refill the pan except for the typical loss of oil during the process of taking the chips out. It you compare it with how it works with rapeseed oil or sunflower oil you will really see a difference, and also the taste is a lot better!

Skin treatments: Olive oil is the base of many skin treatments because it has rehydrating properties and protects the skin. In Spain a lot of our grandmas still use it as the only facial cream they have, as they say: “Why using all those chemical products when you have the best skin moisturizing in Olive Oil and it is completely natural”. Even doctors recommend it for ear problems!

Decoration: Have you ever seen in a picture how fruit and plants shine? you can make it by just rubbing them with a drop of olive oil in a cotton cloth. This is used very often in restaurants and table decorations as it is completely natural, it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient and it gives a lovely shine to fruits like apples or to green plant leaves.
If you know any more uses for Olive oil or if you have had any experience with any of those just come and share them with us!


About Fernando Piñeiro

My name is Fernando Piñeiro, I was born in Valencia –Spain– and I trained as a Chef under Karlos Arguiñano. Some years ago I moved to England with the aim to share my passion and knowledge about Spanish products and I really enjoy introducing people in the mazing and delicious world of Spanish gastronomy.
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